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Engineering Plans

Our Process

Our business follows a simple four-step process (1) Assessment and (2) Plan and Prepare (3) Installation (4) Teaching. The Assessment and Planning are done on a single day and typically take about an hour. The Installation and Teaching are done at a later date and can typically be done in a single day. 

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Step - 01


The first step in making your home a smart home. One of our technicians will come by and assess your situation to find the best solution for you. 

  • Assess existing technology and your building

  • Review your subscriptions/services/providers 

  • Educate you about our products and services 

  • Clearly outline your goals and priorities 

Step - 02 

Plan and Prepare

Once we understand your situation and priorities we create a plan for your building. To start we create a base quote and work to create the perfect solution for you. 

  • Outline and Explain our recommendations 

  • Answer questions and compare alternative solutions

  • Provide a final estimate with a guaranteed price

  • Thoroughly explain the system capabilities

  • Ask for installation specifications such as room names, existing accounts, login information, etc.

  • Schedule an installation date

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Step - 03


The easiest part of the whole thing, at least for you! Our trained smart home technicians will come by and set up your equipment to your exact specifications. For most homes, this process is done in a day. 

  • Install and set up all of the equipment

  • Create and link any required accounts

  • Record all of our work and information for easy future use and training 

Step - 04


The most important step in the process. We ensure that our clients understand how to use their products and that means that actually use them. To make sure that you feel comfortable with your technology we:

  • Provide an in-person walk-through of your finalized solution where you will have time to ask any questions.

  • A training session where we teach the basics of the smart home, how it all works, and how to best use it!

  • Provide custom manuals and support videos 

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