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Commercial Packages

Increasing productivity and securing your business with smart technologies. Our commercial packages are part of the infrastructure of your business and provide reliable quality service. 

Mississippi Smart Homes is growing into a one-stop shop for commercial contractors and developers. As of now, we service four primary commercial needs: Networking, Cameras, Audio, and Access Control. 

Networking Package

Your network is the most important part of the infrastructure in any modern business, most businesses cannot even operate without an active one. We will design and implement your IT network from the ground up ensuring security, reliability, and strong connectivity.​

Audio Package

Providing quality sound throughout your building. Each system is tailored to ensure it sounds just right and is still easy to use. 

Security Camera Package

Keeping an eye on your business even when you can't. We carry cameras for all sorts of applications and can support installations of all sizes. Our recording devices can support any number of storage requirements and can be viewed from anywhere.

Access Control Package

Ensuring only the people who need access have it. Access control can be used in various cases from schools to offices. This includes every part of the system from the readers, to the locks, to the door retractors, we handle it all.

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