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Modern Neighborhood

Residential Packages

Making your home a smart home, one package at a time! We work in both new and old construction and adding smart home technology is a cost-effective way to add value to your home by modernizing it and helping it stand apart. Beyond improving the value of your home, these packages will improve your quality of life... all without breaking the bank.

All of the products are linked and connected to your network ensuring that have remote control from anywhere in the world. So whether you forgot to turn the lights off, lock the door, turn off the thermostat, or can't remember about the garage... we have you covered.


Beneath you will see each of our overall completely customizable packages with links to a prebuilt standard package from each category! 

Click here to Download our Residential Catalog!

Controlling Devices

These are the devices that you will interact with the most, the devices that control the others. You will talk to one of these devices to do things throughout your smart home. Whether it's playing music, adjusting the lights, or telling you the weather for tomorrow, these things have you covered. They can vary wildly in their design and function, from a simple talking alarm clock to a smart speaker, or even a mounted tablet

Security Package

Unprecedented peace of mind from anywhere. Locks and track whom all is coming and going and allow personalized use. Cameras that can recognize the difference between a family member or employee and a stranger and give notifications. A doorbell that logs packages and that you can check anywhere and talk through.

Convenience Package

Somewhat of our catch-all, this package is focused on automating the tedious work of your everyday life. These are the kind of cherry on top products that will make you feel like royalty: fans, thermostats, pet feeders, blinds, coffee makers, and more. These final touch products that can really complete your transformation from a home to a smart home and a much more convenient way of life. 

Lighting Packages

Our most impactful package, with it you can completely transform a room. Smart lights for any fixture, automating the use of lamps, adding accent lighting, and more. All smart lights are LED, last 8-10 years, can be any color, and are 80% more efficient than fluorescent lights. 

There are also outdoor lighting solutions that can change the way your home looks from the outside. Including path lights, column lights, bollards, and more... Definitely for people who enjoy their outside areas and that love to decorate around the holidays. 

Entertainment Package

We do all sorts of audio/visual work from sound systems, TV mounts, to synched lighting. Many of our clients already have an existing system and most of those can be integrated into to smart home system with a little bit of work (something we determine in the Assess phase). However, for people without an existing system or those looking for a new one, the smart Sonos speakers are some of the best in the market, both in quality and integration.

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