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Security is our bread and butter at MS Smart Homes, where we can provide our clients unprecedented peace of mind from anywhere in the world. We use doorbells and cameras to keep an eye on the property and smart locks and garages to know when people are coming and going. We tend to find that kids think we are pretty cool and teenagers don't appreciate us as much!

Locks and garages can be opened from anywhere, access controlled and keep a log. All cameras are hard-wired to power, record 24/7, have microphones/speakers (so you can use them to talk), and can see in the dark. They keep track of events (noises, animals, people, motion) and can learn familiar faces to make checking your history easy. Cloud Storage for the cameras is provided by Google via Nest Aware and costs $150 a year to get 10 days of 24/7 footage and 60 days of events. 


Example of a Base Security Setup

Almost all of our security installations include the following: (1x) doorbell (2x) outdoor cameras (1x) lock. The Doorbell watches the front door, one camera goes to the back corner of the garage, watching up the carport, the other camera goes into the back yard, watching the back door, and the lock goes on a friend's or the front entrance. 

The locks and garage openers ensure that nobody ever gets locked out again! They can also be access-controlled, so you can provide custom codes to people like cleaners, handymen, babysitters, friends, etc. The lock keeps a log of these codes, and they can be permanent, temporary, or restricted (e.g., the Cleaner's code only works on Tuesdays from 9 to 5). 

Regarding garages, almost all new garage doors have smart capabilities built in that we are happy to set up and tie in. For those with older garages we do have retrofit units that can make any old garage a smart one! 

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