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Meet the MSH Team

We are truly a small Mississippi start-up with a small team working to develop an innovative new company with quality service. 

Our Story

A Good Idea

It was the fateful day of May 14th, 2020, when Peyton and Jake decided to go get lunch at a recently opened Newk's for a bit of freedom from the Coronavirus shutdowns. While waiting for our food, Peyton brought up an idea for a smart home company. We had created a college smart home and knew the amazing things possible, yet most people had no idea what was out there much less where to get started. The people that did similar work gave clients solutions that never worked or were too complicated. Somebody needed to create a simple turn-key solution. Three hours of discussion later and some slightly annoyed Newk's workers later, we had a business idea. 



Installs started in August 2020, most happening with Jake working out of his car while living at home with his parents. All the equipment and tools were kept in a shed at Jake's parents' house. By early 2021, we bought our first vehicle and hired our first hire, David Wilson. 

In 2022, MS Smart Homes began to expand its reach by joining the Home Builder's Association and partnering with the Bo Bounds Show; our focus became and continues to be growing our new construction work by partnering with Builders, Realtors, Architects, Develops, and anyone else in Construction. 

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