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Alarm Systems

We are a licensed alarm company in MS and provide Residential burglar and fire alarms. Almost all our alarm installations use wireless contacts that can be retroactively added to any property. 

For those who want remote access and their alarm monitored, we offer professional monitoring via the platform for $42/month. 

Most alarm installs consist of the following: A main panel by the garage entrance, a secondary panel in the master bedroom, recessed contacts on all first-floor entryway doors, exposed contacts on all first-floor openable windows, glass breaks for any large non-openable first-floor windows, and a siren that goes by your doorbell chime box. 


All cameras record 24/7, have microphones/speakers (so you can use them to talk), and see in the dark with IR sensors. They keep track of events (noises, animals, people, motion) and can learn familiar faces to make checking your history easy.

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