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Smart Lighting

Lutron and Phillips Hue are our primary lighting brands. Smart lights can be turned off & on by the traditional switch, phone, voice, or automated routines. These lights can provide security (exterior and front lights automated to come on at sunset) and unbeatable convenience (adjusting the lights or fan without having to get out of bed). We personally enjoy the lighting products most! 

Lutron Switches replace your light switches in the wall and make the whole light circuit smart. Hue products replace individual bulbs and fixtures. Lutron is typically more cost-effective, but Hue lights have the benefit of being any color. All of our smart lighting products can be dimmed.


We also carry motion switches for places like pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, etc.


Example of a Base Lighting Setup

Smart lighting can add up when you try to do every switch, so we normally focus on security lighting and high-use rooms. Typical installs include (1x) Lutron Hub, (3x) Lutron Switches (2x) Lutron Remotes. These are installed in the bedroom, living room, and outside lights. Each light switch on a circuit must be replaced (i.e. if two different switches control the flood lights). One switch has a main unit, and the other has a remote unit. These are typically needed in bedrooms and living rooms with multiple switches.

We set the Living Room and Outdoor lights on automated routines that ask Google when sunset is and automatically adjust throughout the year. These lights come on at sunset, dim at a time of your choosing (typically to 30% at 10 pm), and turn off at sunrise. This ensures you are never walking into a dark house and that it always looks like someone is home!

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