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Media Room Package - $4,000

This package upgrades any media room to have Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and synchronized back-lighting for your TV... The result is immersion like never before. The best part is that it is all WIFI-based technology so no need for that huge AV rack with complicated remoted and wiring, this stuff simply works!

Sonos Arc White.PNG

Sonos Arc Soundbar

The highest quality sound bar on the market. It connects to your TV using an HDMI cable and operates as the front three speakers (Left, Middle, Right) in Dolby Surround Sound.

It can be mounted to hang underneath the TV or placed on available furniture.

Sonos Sub.PNG

Sonos Subwoofer

Used to add a little more power to the system and ensure the full range of sound provided by Dolby Surround Sound (The subwoofer is the .1 in a 5.1 setup!)

The sub can be placed really anywhere in the room, although we recommend keeping it out of cabinets! 

Sonos One.PNG

Sonos One Speaker (2x)

High Definition Speakers that communicate with the Soundbar over WIFI. These two speakers operate as your (Back Left, Back Right) in Dolby Surround Sound. 

These speakers can be mounted, placed on the furniture, or have special floor stands... it all depends on you!


Philips Hue - Light Sync

A gradient light strip will be placed behind your TV and programmed with a Hue Sync Box to connect your TV backlighting to what is going on the TV. If the surround sound didn't get you immersed, this certainly will! 

All of the wiring and equipment for this will be wired and hidden behind the TV.

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