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About Us

Smart Made Simple

A clear motto with a single purpose, to connect our clients to the amazing technology of today. Most of our clients don't even know what is out there and they are accustomed to over-paying for overly complex systems that they struggle to get to work.

Our Mission

Technology has revolutionized almost every part of our lives. However, most of our homes still operate the same as they did 20, or even 50, years ago. We simply realized, technology has improved our quality of life in so many areas ... it's time that technology came home. 

Meet The Team

Our Beginnings

The only reason we ever even thought about any of this, was because we started tinkering with smart home devices while we were in college. See Peyton and Jake lived together for 3 years and during those years they continued to acquire and use more smart home devices. This personal experience is what developed our enjoyment and understanding of the "smart home". Now that experience gives us the confidence and peace of mind to recommend quality products to our customers and mean it when we say... "Home automation is life-changing." 



It was the fateful day of May 14th, 2020, when we decided to go get lunch at a recently/partially opened Newk's for a bit of freedom from the Coronavirus shutdowns. As we waited for our food, Peyton brought up an idea he had text Jake a few days prior, which Jake had apparently failed to respond to. We had created a college smart home and knew the amazing things possible, yet most people had no idea what was out there much less where to get started. Three hours of discussion later and some slightly annoyed Newk's workers later, we had a business idea. 

Although we had a great idea we had no idea how to take it somewhere, which is where John entered the picture. Seeing as he had already started multiple small businesses and was involved in the creation of buildings, we all agreed that he obviously had much to offer. A few weeks later we finally worked it out all and developed it into the business that you now see before you! 

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