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Smart Alarm System

Our Services

Whether you are looking at new construction, doing a basic retrofit in a post-construction building, or you have an existing complicated system that never works, we can find the best solution for your situation. We offer services for both residential and commercial applications. All of our installations are perfectly tailored to the client and we ensure that each client is comfortable using their system!

Assessment and Planning

We come to assess your situation and work to find the best solution for your situation. At the end of the assessment and planning, you have a guaranteed quote and a clear understanding of your plan and your system.

Education and Teaching

The most important part of every install. We make sure that all of our clients understand their systems.... that way they actually end us using them! In addition to showing your system, we explain basic tech concepts and help our clients develop a basic understanding of technology as a whole. 

Installation and Setup

Once we figure out the best system for you, we will set up and install it as if it were our own home. This is an entirely inclusive process where we will install the equipment, set it up to your specifications, and create/link all of the necessary accounts. 

Support and Coaching

We service critical issues to our products with no plan required. However, for those that want a bit more help and guaranteed service times we have monthly plans for everyone. Our coaching can help even the most "technologically challenged" master the modern world.

Our Brands

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