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Smart Alarm System


Package- $2,500

Focused on developing your peace of mind from anywhere. This package includes (1) Nest Hello Doorbell, (2x) Nest Outdoor Cameras, (2x) Nest x Yale Locks, and the installation and setup. All of the equipment in this package is controlled from a single app where you can view your cameras or open/close your lock from wherever you are!

Nest Hello.PNG

Nest Hello Doorbell

A smart doorbell that watches over your front yard! Not only does it operate as a normal doorbell, but it will record events, notify of packages, and allows for two-way communication!

Yale Lock.PNG

Nest x Yale Lock

Unprecedented peace of mind from anywhere. Locks and track whom all is coming and going and allow personalized use. Cameras that can recognize the difference between a family member or employee and a stranger and give notifications. A doorbell that logs packages and that you can check anywhere and talk through.

Outdoor Camera.PNG

Nest Outdoor Camera

Outdoor cameras that are just a bit smarter. They record in HD at 30 frames per second and they have both a microphone and a speaker built in. These cameras can watch 24/7 or only on events, it's all up to you! 

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