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Working at Home


Package- $1,500

Focused on making your home just a bit more convenient on the day to day. This package includes (2x) Nest Learning Thermostats, (1x) Google Mesh Wifi System, and the installation as well as the optimization of your home wifi network. All of the equipment in this package is controlled from a single app where you can view your cameras or open/close your lock from wherever you are!

Learning Thermo.PNG

Nest Learning Thermostat

Thermostats that learn about your home and optimize. Eventually, these thermostats will know your schedule, the size of your home, and the power of your system. This allows for the thermostat to operate more efficiently (average of 12%) and enables you to know when a certain temperature will be reached!


Nest Mesh Wifi

Designed for a powerfully fast network that truly covers the whole home. Nowadays almost everything needs a WIFI connection and most people's single router doesn't cover the whole home. This mesh system will ensure you have fast WIFI wherever you are!

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