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We offer free assessments to see the property or building plans and what things you are interested in.


You finalize decisions and lock in a guaranteed quote. We then create a custom plan with your preferences. 

Set Up

Our systems are totally inclusive and 100% turnkey. We install, setup, program, and test it just for you.


The critical step! We walk through our easy to use system. Included is a follow up visit for extra questions!

Our Process

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Our Services

The largest benefit of working with MS Smart Homes is that we are a one stop shop all technology. We become our clients' "guy" for any IT problems: smart home, personal, or professional. We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure a great experience and focus on fast response times. I tell people all the time, MS Smart Homes is really a service company that just happens to sell equipment.  

  • Hubs and TV Controllers

  • Smart Lighting Indoor & Outdoor

  • Doorbells, Cameras, Locks, Garages

  • Monitored Alarm Systems with

  • Speakers, Soundbars, & Whole Home Audio

  • Surround Sound & Media Rooms

  • Internet and WiFi

  • Starlink Setup

  • TV Mounts of all Kinds

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About Us

Smart Made Simple

A clear motto with a single purpose: to connect our clients with effective and easy-to-use technology. MS Smart Homes exists for those who want the benefit of that technology without any of the hassle.

Most of our clients don't even know what is out there, and they are accustomed to overpaying for complex systems that they struggle to get to work.

The truth is, it might as well not be working if you don't feel comfortable using it!


Recent Projects

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"I used MS Smart Homes for my office and had a great experience dealing with Jake and then David during the install. Both were professional, knowledgeable, and made the process very turnkey. They helped me upgrade keyless entry, thermostat, and other items and all sync to my phone for easy control and access. Will be using them again for my home soon!"

John Lucas

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